OUPOPO Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Blue



1.Light and tiny(weigh only 78g), aluminum shell with oxidation film+polishing+plastic+oil injection+laser etching,mini size.

2.The surface treatment of the aluminum alloy shell is oxidation film, with high hardness, friction-durable, nice barrier and ECO-friendly.

3.High precision friction-durable speaker net.

4.Red and blue double LED light.

5. Dustproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic, high reliability.

6.Golden,purple,red,blue,silver,coffee, and black, multi color for option.

7.Unique design, one key control.


1.Bluetooth 4.0 version, using CSR chip.


1). Good compatibility in bluetooth and nice quality.

2). Low power consumption, bluetooth 4.0 is 90% lower in power consumption compared with old versions.

3). Fast-start within 3ms, for bluetooth 4.0, it needs a start time less than 3ms. Former versions are much slower, for bluetooth     2.1, it needs 6s to start up.

4). More safer encryption, wider rang for signal transmitting. Bluetooth 4.0 is applied with 128-bit AES complete encryption, which provide data packet with high security and identification.

2. Uses a D class high quality digital power amplifier(FT-2011M), with lowdistortion, small size, high efficiency, high stability, anti-EMI and anti-interference.

3. The speaker uses a built-in 16 chips 3W 4Ohm amplifier. Which make the higt pitch clear and low pitch powerful. Price is 10 times higher than common speaker.

4. The built-in rechargeable battery uses polymer chip and independent fender(polytechnic IC), which realized circuit protection by double deck, and is more safer. It support a continue playing for 5-8 hours after full charging, with automatic low-voltage protection.

5. Built-in microphone, uses a high quality microphone, with super-low noise-filtration and echo-suppression, support multi-calling at a same time.

6. All 5 faces of the shell is applied with ironware, which lower the bluetooth signal. While we add built-in bluetooth antenna on the circuit design to make the transmitting distance as far as 10 meters.

7. Support number reporting on coming calls and call answering. Double pressing on dialing button can dial the last number that you called, convenient and low radiation.

8. Multi-function with one key. Can realize Power on/off, pause/play/ answer/reject/redial with the only key.

9. The 3.5mm port can support connection with old-fashioned radio, computer and MP3, also it support charging. All chargers with usb(5V) and computers can charge this bluetooth.

10. Additional NFC function is optional. With NFC, this Bluetooth speaker can connect with other NFC device rapidly. Steps: Put your NFC phone near the NFC field of this Bluetooth speaker and try to movE your phone around the area, when your phone alert to connect the bluetooth device, press OK and connection will succeed.