Portable Digital TV Aerial Signal Booster DVB-T for Caravan HGV Signal Booster


Optimized for Digital Reception
An aerial designed specifically for digital reception. With a standard coaxial connection, it can be easily used with almost any portable or living room television set. Capable of receiving frequencies of VHF 170-230MHz and UHF 470-869MHz it is ideal for both Freeview and DAB broadcasting.


Compact and Lightweight
Perfect for portable TVs and USB DTV tuners; you can easily carry it in your laptop bag or TV case without worrying about extra weight or space.


Whether you are looking for an aerial for your bedroom, kitchen, caravan, boat or car, this portable aerial will greatly improve your reception in almost any circumstance. Its magnetic base attaches to large metal objects, using their surface area to enhance the reception quality.


With a powered amplifier, it is ideal for Freeview Tuners as you can simply plug it into a spare 12 volt socket or if the TV has a booster powered function to benefit from amplified reception.
Please Note:
DTV reception is dependent upon environmental factors; we cannot guarantee reception in all conditions. For more information, please consult the Digital Television website.